Microflex synthesizes the new last generation frontier of raw materials production. Hoses made of Microflex PVC differ in the extreme flexibility and lightness, while maintaining all the advantages of a product with high thickness. A hose made of Microflex PVC, due to its cellular structure, at the same thickness weighs up to 25% less a hose made with normal PVC, improving handling and practical use.

The Microflex PVC is a material that is obtained by adding to the normal formula of PVC a particular EXPANDER compound. This process changes either the chemical that occurs naturally PVC “closed-cell”, triggering a process of expansion by heat that is generated during the extrusion, so the cells of PVC open (open-cell) forming micro-holes cellulosic inside of which there is only air.

RR ITALIA is the first company in the world to produce a 7 layers hose, permanently raising the standard of quality of the garden hoses. The Range SEVEN is the synthesis of superior technology already tested with the TRICOTEX line, and the latest materials that provide professional services, increased comfort and ease of use, and superior durability.